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Rippy™ Trail Cap | Oasis


The high visibility running cap with thermal reflective brim. Weight of 30g.

Satisfy's lightest running cap yet is designed specifically for the trail. With its easily adjustable system at the back, it can be quickly put on or stored in your pocket.

- Aluminum Ripstop Tech-Silk edging
Aluminum Ripstop Tech-Silk fabric is made in Switzerland by the Schoeller brand. Known for its ongoing collaboration with NASA, Schoeller was the first company in the world to produce according to the ecological principles of the bluesign® system in 2001. Aluminum Ripstop is a structured fabric interwoven with metallic threads, which makes the fabric reflective as well. as resistant to tearing and tearing.

- Ripstop Tech-Silk body
Tech-Silk Ripstop is made in Italy by a manufacturer founded in 1893 and producing luxury and technical fabrics since 1955. Commonly used in parachutes and military equipment, Ripstop is a structured fabric interwoven with thicker yarns, this which gives it a grid pattern and makes it resistant to ripping and tearing. Tech-Silk Ripstop has the feel of silk and is extremely lightweight, durable and resilient.


- Adjustable strap
- Reflective fabric
- Ethically produced in Poland


Ripstop Tech-Silk / Body / Origin Italy
- 100% Polyamide

Aluminum Ripstop Tech-Silk / Border / Swiss Origin
- 89% Polyamide
- 10% Polyurethane
- 1% Aluminum

Technical innovations



- Unique size

Rippy™ Trail Cap | Oasis