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At my pace

À mon allure
It's crazy, sometimes I have the impression that opportunities put themselves in my path, that life makes plans for me, without my knowing.
As I study architecture, I find it quite funny the idea that I am not even the one who draws the contours of my future. But ultimately, in architecture as in everything else, it is the direction we decide to take that determines what happens next.
Projects present themselves. Ideas manifest. We always make choices.
The opportunity to start Faux Mouvement at the same time as I continued my studies imposed itself on me in the same way that running did.
By need to move. Because the people I was going to do it with made me want to add this challenge to my life.
I live with Kevin, my lover who is also one of my three partners, in an apartment in Old Quebec, a few meters from the School of Architecture of Laval University . Like many people, the pandemic has forced me to rethink my habits. I wanted to go outside more often. It was also an opportunity to see people. So I started running.
Not very quickly. Not very well. To this day, I'm not too sure I have the right stride. I go out and run 5 km. Sometimes a little more. The idea is to have a quick change of scenery and to have gotten some fresh air during the day.
I also take the opportunity to see friends. Even if they are not runners, by alternating walking and running, everyone can join me, and we take the opportunity to talk to each other, to do this little update which is also, for me, a reset.
This is where I step away from my screens and my obligations to think better, to regain my mental balance, to be able to accomplish everything that excites and occupies me. My studies. And now, my business.
I run a lot to see my friends. As I said, it is also largely because of the gang that I chose to co-found Faux Mouvement: Kevin, Guillaume and Charles, my partners. You will have the opportunity to get to know them and better understand why I wanted to work with them. But, simply put: these are individuals who share my desire to bring people together around an activity, an idea of ​​taste which is that of beautiful and good things.
It's funny. The faster my life goes , the more I want to run at my own pace, not too slowly nor too quickly . I have my look. I let myself be carried by the energy that inhabits me, by the flow of my thoughts.
The workload never seems too heavy when I punctuate it with a running session. I leave the basilica, go towards the Promenade des Gouverneurs and go up towards the Plains. Suddenly, my gaze embraces the river, the immensity of the horizon that opens up. The wind whips my face and my legs cushion my steps, forcing me to concentrate on my sensations rather than on my thoughts which I let wander, pass through me.
Every time I take a moment to run, every time I undertake a project, I have the impression that they are the ones imposing themselves on me, calling me. Then, the plans gradually take shape in my head. Ideas abound. Running allows me to sort things out. Because in the end, no matter how things present themselves to me, it's like my appearance, it's always me who chooses.