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Run your city // In Paris with Justine Martel

Cours ta ville // À Paris avec Justine Martel
- Photos by Justine Martel
Run your city // In Paris with Justine Martel
What brought you to this city?
I had the opportunity to study abroad as part of my bachelor's degree in architecture, and I chose Paris for its history, its architecture, the fashion and the general atmosphere of the city. Before I left, I also researched the running culture in the city, including running clubs, shops like Faux Mouvement, and special events. It intrigued me and really interested me to be part of that!
Tell me briefly about your trip.
I spent 5 months in Paris studying and enjoying the energy of the city, which allowed me to broaden my social, cultural and professional horizons. I ran a lot through my studies and tourism activities. It was a good time for me to reflect on everything I had experienced in my day and see the city from a new perspective.
Alone in a foreign city, I sought to meet people who shared my interests, and seized some incredible opportunities, like joining a running group through a local store. These encounters led me to participate in many running events like launches and themed races, which allowed me to make good friends.
Throughout the trip, I also had the chance to meet and visit the Satisfy Running studios. I was invited to Fashion Week thanks to the connections I made in a shopping trip with them . Let's say that having taken my courage in both hands was in my best decisions of my trip.
What is your favorite route?
My ideal outing was to run along the Seine on Sunday. It's a very popular place for runners, and the atmosphere is incredibly motivating. The course is flat, so easy to do a long or quick outing. Each bridge you pass is magnificent in its own way, above and below. I particularly liked finishing my run in a café with a typical French croissant ;)
Is it a good city for running?
Absolutely ! There are so many runners in the city, it's very motivating and inspiring. Paris has an oval shape, with a radius of around 10 km, which makes it easy to go out to discover the city. It is possible to visit several historical monuments by making a simple 5 km outing . And even if the city is rather flat, it is possible to find routes with a difference in altitude, like in the Buttes Chaumont or Montmartre. There are also places to run in nature near the city center or simply in the city's many parks.

Whatever the time of day or night, you will undoubtedly come across runners on your way!
What makes you run?
Running for me is several things. First of all, it's my time to get some fresh air, some sun and get active. Then, it’s a way to connect with others. I run for the social aspect: to combine getting some fresh air and seeing my friends. Running with people creates special bonds, based on physical effort and motivation.
It's also a way for me to connect with myself, to feel alive and to see things from a new perspective. Running allows me to discover my inner strength, to surpass my limits and to become a better version of myself: physically and mentally. It reminds me that I am alive with every stride.