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Run your city // In Quebec with Miguel Matériaux - Part-time Runner

Cours ta ville // À Québec avec Miguel Membreño - Part-time Runner
- Illustrations by Miguel Matériaux

Miguel Memberño - Part-time Runner in Quebec

Miguel is a conceptual designer working in the world of video games. The native of El Salvador arrived in Quebec two years ago for work. Eager to fit in, he chose running by joining several running communities, including ours, where he created friendships that helped him find balance in his new life.
It will exhibit a series of illustrations representing three aspects of Faux Mouvement: its community, its particular aesthetic and the first steps of the runner, the first “Faux Mouvement”. Come see it on site as part of Galeries Month on Saturday September 23 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.
What brought you to Quebec?
I landed a job in a design studio in Quebec and as my wife also shares this passion for design, we seized the opportunity without hesitation to come and live in this magnificent city. Quebec has a nice surprise in store for us, it's a unique place in North America, with its European atmosphere, its attractive architecture, the French language and its warm people.

How do you define yourself as a runner?
I consider myself a part-time runner. Running fits into my life as a way to find balance between my daily obligations and my overall well-being. My job keeps me Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., which doesn't give me the time to run full time. However, I derive many benefits from this practice despite a busy schedule. Running gives me discipline, commitment and a good dose of energy.
Do you think it’s a good city for running?
Quebec is an exceptional city for running. What sets it apart is the strong community spirit among the runners. I was pleasantly surprised to find so much dynamism here, and it's heartening to see that people of all ages and backgrounds are dedicated to running, whatever the weather. The city offers a variety of possibilities, road, trail or even in winter. In addition, the proximity to magnificent natural spaces makes it an ideal place for nature lovers.

What is your favorite route?

I love running in the heart of the city . The picturesque architecture and courses make for a captivating experience, although the hills can make it difficult at times. Running along the river and exploring different parts of the city, like the Plains of Abraham and Old Quebec, is truly unique, like nowhere else. The city is full of charming streets, which makes every run very enjoyable.
What makes you run?
What drives me to run is the need for balance. Spending most of my day sitting in front of a screen makes me feel the need for physical activity and a mental break. Running helps me separate my work from my personal life, ensuring I don't feel numb after long hours at the office. It's also a great way to connect with other people who share the same passion, even though I can be shy and not very talkative in groups. Running has become an essential part of my daily routine, and I enjoy the benefits it brings to my physical and mental health.