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Running in winter: the Norda 001 G+ Spike experience

Courir l’hiver : l’expérience de la Norda 001 G+ Spike

To face the Quebec winter while running, we strongly recommend that you wear shoes with grip like the Norda 001 G+ Spike, waterproof winter shoes with integrated carbide spikes. Born in Montreal, the young brand Norda stands out here by offering effective solutions to meet the winter challenges that are so familiar to us.

In this video, we have Laurianne Lépine, an athletics and cross-country runner for over 10 years, testing a pair of Spikes. This will officially be his first time wearing winter cleats. After 2 to 3 bad falls per year, she is ready to test the grip of the 001 G+ Spike. His experience here:

Now that you've had a glimpse of the experience, comfort and performance of the Norda 001 G+ Spike, we answer your questions by exploring what makes us total fans. Make the most of winter and support local talent with these winter running shoes: the Norda 001 G+ Spike .

1. Why are carbide-tipped running shoes recommended during the winter in Quebec?

The answer is as clear as a winter sky: in Quebec, we have snow almost half the year, from November to March, the sidewalks are often real ice rinks under the snow, especially with the frost in evening.

The carbide tips integrated into the Norda 001 Spike G+ ensure exceptional grip reducing the risk of falling . Ground stability plays a vital role in preventing any alteration in your stride, which helps prevent posture-related or mis-movement injuries . We are talking about a better , more homogeneous stride when we change the surface (concrete to ice). No more figure skating!

In addition, with good
grip , the energy of each stride is fully transferred to the ground, without slipping, providing a more confident, powerful and fast run.

Being well equipped motivates us to go out in winter. Choosing cleats is a really great idea if you want to fully enjoy your passion, even when it's cold outside. With the Norda 001 G+ Spike, you will be ready to face all weather conditions. After all, running in the snow is much more exciting than running on a treadmill, right?

2. Is it actually comfortable?
Yes. Carbide tips are integrated into the Vibram sole, helping to absorb impact with every stride. So you don't feel the spikes under your feet. In addition, the 20 metal spikes are distributed evenly, particularly around the contour of the sole to avoid any concentration of pressure in specific places under the foot.

As for the shoe itself, the waterproof and temperature-regulating Graphene G+ membrane is the key to staying warm . By regulating temperature and allowing evaporation, it also ensures that your feet stay dry.
3. Are they really worth the investment?
Thanks to the remarkable durability of the Vibram sole, in addition to the carbide tips, these shoes can cover a lot of miles before showing signs of wear. For our part, we have tested our pairs for 3 seasons and their soles are like new. Rather than buying a new pair every winter, invest in a pair that can stand the test of time (and cold).

4. Can they be used for other activities?
Absolutely ! They are light, much lighter than your usual hiking boots, and offer excellent stability, in addition to their grip . They are perfect for hiking, snowshoeing or even your daily commute to the office. Versatile and comfortable, they adapt to various activities.
Our recommendations for winter:

If you don't have trail running shoes, and you're looking to only have one pair for all 4 seasons, we recommend the 001 , 002 or 001 G+ (waterproof). Wear good merino socks and you're in business .

If you already have a summer pair, and are looking to run this winter, go with the 001 G+ Spike, for maximum grip, stability, a more even stride and warm feet.

As with all Norda models, we recommend taking half a point larger than your regular size. See the size charts to order online. Do not hesitate to write to us for more details. Up to you !

“Your ambition should be the only source of your limitations,
not the shoes you wear. »

-False Movement Team


More information about Norda models:

001 : Seamless Bio-Dyneema® upper with midsole and custom Vibram® sole for unmatched ultra-distance performance and durability.

001 G+ : Our iconic 001 model is lined with a G+® graphene membrane for increased thermoregulation and water resistance.

001 G+ Spike : Our iconic 001 model is lined with a G+® graphene membrane for increased thermoregulation and water resistance. Permanently integrated carbide tips for winter traction.

002 : Closer to the ground and padded heel for increased ground feel and greater precision on technical terrain.

003 : Approach shoe reimagined to easily transition from hiking to climbing and running. A Bio-Dyneema® upper with elastic providing a fit that remains effective against the test of time.